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What can we do with 5G?

Can you imagine being able to answer your text messages on WhatsApp while driving, without worrying about having a traffic accident?

– This will be possible with the introduction of the 5G

The official launch of 5G in our continent is closer than ever, that is demonstrated by the Mobile World Congress Americas 2018 where the IoT (Internet Of Things) and the adoption of 5G in America form the main focus of attention in this event where the biggest Telecommunications companies in the world meet.


In the United States, the largest operators such as AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile have been preparing for the deployment of this new technology in the most important cities of the country for some time; but also the millions of users that consume the internet every day are demanding more and better connections; that allow them to take better advantage of their terminals, this increase puts pressure on operators to perform a more aggressive deployment and thus secure a better market share. But have you ever wondered:

¿What can we do with 5G?
The entrance of 5G and the expansion of it will mean a great technological leap that will allow a growing development of the Internet of Things and its applications at all levels, smart cities, Products or daily services communicated with each other to offer more immersive, fast and intelligent experiences is what awaits us from this fifth generation. By 2019 it is expected that the first devices specially designed to use 5G will be launched to the market and for the next few years the first technological integrations in large devices such as Hyperconnected Automobiles and capable of interacting with other automobiles and information systems of cities, among others.

This accelerated implementation has occurred 2 years earlier than expected, in Asian countries and North America, who have covered their territories with 4G LTE. It should be noted that Europe seems to be a little behind in this boom, next to Latin America, where there are regions where the 4G is just beginning to be deployed.

LATIN AMERICA still deploying 4G LTE.
The Latin American market, is the one that advances slower with respect to the deployment of 4G LTE, it is expected that by 2022 65% of all connections in the region are of this type. Currently, telecommunication companies are working tirelessly to deploy this technology that already in 2018 begins to exceed the number of connections of the old 3G.

It is important to note that the investment for these implementations is being made by the operators; however, it is the Latin American governments in general, which delays the advance of these technologies by not delivering the radioelectric spectrum necessary to operate correctly 2G, 3G and 4G; so it will also represent a challenge and without a doubt a medium term project that can bid the spectrum necessary to operate 5G.
Data of the 4G deployment in Latin America.