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We are a company that was born 20 years ago, with the objective of offering to the market competitive prices and a quality service, in the branch of products for electric power and telecommunications projects. We started in El Salvador supplying the demand for materials for electric power, which opened the opportunity to expand our services to the Nicaraguan market; Thus, in 2004, we began operations in Nicaragua and successively in the rest of Central America. In response to the great demand of the Central American market we established strategic alliances, which allowed us to expand the product lines, maintain the quality and the optimal price. In this way and with the efforts of our entire team we expanded our portfolio of products, such as fittings for telecommunications, fiber optic, to say the least. Our goal is to be at the forefront with the materials that the client needs to attend to the constant changes that technology requires and in this way we link a modern world.


To be the leading distributor in the commercialization of quality innovative products and services at competitive prices, in the countries where we do business


Be the distributor that markets innovative quality products and services at competitive prices, with a team committed to total customer satisfaction, establishing relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders with integrity, paying great attention to detail

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