Pedestal polypropylene boxes for systems | DISMATEL

Underground distribution systems, of the electrical type, data transmission communications, are widely using prefabricated pedestal boxes, with which they speed up construction processes, improve aesthetics and considerably reduce costs.

With this option, quality, aesthetics, shorter execution time of the projects and a lower economic cost are provided.

Wells of Registration of Polypropylene and Fiberglass.

Pedestal boxes for single-phase transformers.

Pedestal boxes for three-phase transformers.

Pedestal boxes for Switchgear.

Pedestal cabinets for single-phase isolators (elbow-type diversifiers), 15 and 25 kV, 200 and 600 A.

Gabinetes Pedestal para Seccionadores  Trifásicos (derivadores tipo codo), 15 y 25 kV, 200 y 600 A.

Lids for Registration Boxes.

Pedestales de Registro (empalmes y derivación) en redes de distribución en baja tensión.

Registration pedestals (connections and splitting) in low tension distribution networks