Electrical Power Equipment | DISMATEL

All electrical power equipment are manufactured to the highest quality standards, in compliance with the ANSI/IEEE, IEC and other standards that apply in their process, characteristics and parameters of the electrical system in which they are connected and also taking care of the climatic conditions indicated by the Client.

Power Transformers
for industry and substations of medium and high power. Transformers immersed in oil, dry transformers, transformers in resin, amorphous transformers.

Power Switches
with SF6 arc extinguishing chambers for medium and high tension.

Transformadores Pad Mounted
three-phase and single-phase

Submersible transformers
with insulation in oil and solid insulation.

Reclosers, isolators and isolating blades

with arc extinguishing chambers in SF6, for aerial and underground electrical systems

Medium Tension Cells Isolated in SF6 Gas (GIS)