Covers for Insulators and Bushings of electrical equipment | DISMATEL

The covers for equipment bushings have a dielectric strength of up to 25 kV, phase to ground. They are vulcanized silicone covers molded at high temperature, which makes it highly resistant. They are hydrophobic

They are manufactured for diameters up to 8″ (203.2 mm). Its flexibility allows an easy connection between the cables and the terminal of the equipment.

La hidrofobicidad natural de la silicona junto con su resistencia UV mejorada y propiedades de resistencia química, permite que estos productos tengan una vida más allá de los 20 años.

Para aisladores en líneas de distribución de energía eléctrica.

For bus support insulators in substations.

For bushings of power transformers, voltage regulators, switches, station type lightning arresters, up to 5″ diameter.

For power transformers, instrumentation transformers and distribution transformers.

For lighting rod.

For bushings of reclosers.

For power cable terminals.

For circuit breakers.

For bushing of capacitors.