One of the problems that most afflict electric power distribution companies are power cuts from animals, which represents thousands of dollars in energy left to supply and repair of damages. Studies show that on average 15% of these power outages are due to wildlife contact

Las barreras antifauna Midsun están diseñadas cuidadosamente para evitar los cortes de energía originados por animales en líneas, en subestaciones y equipos

The anti-wildlife barrier is a one-piece disk-shaped block that blocks squirrels, birds and other wild animals, avoiding phase-to-ground contact

It is a flame-retardant material with improved UV resistance.

Installs easily and safely with a common shotgun type pole, without interruption of service. All Midsun flexible barriers are designed to prevent rattling due to wind.

They are used in sectioning blades, bushings of switches and reclosers, transformers, lightning rods, power terminals, bus supports and in general insulators.

The Midsun flexible barriers are 16″ (406.4 mm), 20″ (508 mm) and 24″ (609.6 mm), in gray and red.

The first step to stop the interruptions that occur is to keep the animals out of the substations. The E-Guard barrier is designed to reduce the risk of interruptions caused by animals in substations, by blocking animals that travel on lines, such as squirrelsimg10aa

This barrier consists of mounting a large disc and 9 small collars. All the discs allow a free rotation, which makes it practically impossible for a squirrel to enter the substation. Installation is quick and easy, and can be installed with an energized line.